Our customers are our most important value. The Clients of Duijnborgh Audit are management and boards of large and medium-sized organizations, profit and non-profit and international operating companies. Our aim is to create a good, long-term relationship with our customers. And we do that well: at many of our customers we have been ‘on the floor as proper time. ”

As a prospective customers you probably want to know what kind of frim we are. One way to find out is asking our current customers for their opinion. At your request we can provide you with a list of references. For this request you can use the contactform.

On the testimonials page you will find a number of responses from customers who recently used our services.

For a fuller introduction, more substantive information or a case description of one of our contracts, please use the contactform.

In order to get an impression of the industries in which we operate, below uoy find some links to the websites of our customers. The references are categorized according to sector.