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Personal data of users of the Internet site of Duijnborgh Audit BV are carefully handled and protected. Duijnborgh Audit BV adheres to the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act. Below is the privacy statement of Duijnborgh Audit BV.

Capture and processing of data
The information you provide will be the responsibility of Duijnborgh Audit BV. Your information will not be provided to companies and institutions outside Duijnborgh Audit BV. Duijnborgh Audit BV uses your data for the provision of service and / or to inform you about services from Duijnborgh Audit BV if you wish and to express has made your wish . If you not want to receive (anymore) information about services Duijnborgh Audit BV, you can report this by writing Duijnborgh Audit BV , PO Box 1433, 3430 BK Nieuwegein, or via email

Data security
Duijnborgh Audit BV uses extensive security for the protection of information, including to prevent unauthorized access to this information.

Click Behavior
The site visit information to track the interest in different parts of the site to measure. This allows the establishment of the website be adjusted to the interest and experiences of visitors.

Use of cookies
A cookie is simply a small file on the hard disk of the computer. Duijnborgh Audit BV is in the provision of services of temporary cookies. These cookies do not contain personal data and are used only for the use of the site easier.

Links to websites and cookies from other parties
On the site of Duijnborgh Audit BV are hyperlinks to other websites. Duijnborgh Audit BV is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of web sites referenced. Also Duijnborgh Audit BV is not responsible for the placement of cookies by these third parties.

Duijnborgh Audit BV reserves the right to make changes to the privacy statement. Check the privacy statement regularly for any changes.

E-mail message
In the e-mail messages of Duijnborgh Audit BV our E-mail disclaimer applies.

Questions, Remarks
If you have any questions or remarks about our privacy policy please contact us at